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The ‘real’ Stephen Colbert, on Larry King Live: 

“Everything that happens to you as a child, seems normal,  because you have no reference point to compare it to.”
 (on losing his father and brothers in a plane crash when he was 10)

I do love my country. I don’t think I’m particularly a good American. I don’t know what makes a great American…I like people who let other people alone. I think thats a pretty good American…and I keep my hands to myself. So, I’m an okay American.”

(in return to “Are you a good American?”)

“Because you can pretend that whatever ear that’s facing someone is your deaf ear…and you can ignore them. Or I can pretend I’m asleep and my wife can’t wake me up. And I also get special parking. For the one eared.”

(on being deaf in his right ear, since IInd grade. {Puahahhha})

 Have you watched the real (and bits of the character) Stephen Colbert interview with Larry King? It is amazing, witty and entertaining, and a revelation (of the real Colbert). More striking: his first statement indicating that he’ll consider running for political office. I recommend you check it out, the podcast is available on ITunes (free). www.cnn.com/larryking

Still pondering: Would I vote for the ‘real’ Colbert? Or would I rather he rather not mix himself up in the dirty world of politics?

PS: The quote was somehow what spoke to me the most during his interview. Its probably the best way of expressing that, such a true statement. You never know what kind of life you’ve led till you start looking back at it as an adult. I would love, love, to meet this guy in real life (the real Colbert, not the character) and just talk with him about what he believes, and why. He seems like a really normal, down-to-earth hardworking father and husband doing his job, and doing it well…and interestingly he seems like a very optimistic kind of person. Truly one of the finest icons of our generation.


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