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This has TOTALLY made my day. Maybe my week. Its been a while since I did a search for 이승열/Lee Seung Yeol (I was in the habit of googling him often in search of new info earlier). Today, seeing the hits for my post on him (here), I thought I’d give it a shot. And I found a video of his live performance! Wonderful! I am not sure how rare this is, but this is the first one I’ve seen. If anyone else knows of any other, please let me know! Many thanks to gesa04!

He is performing 비상 (Bi Sang, or Fly High), which was on the OST of the Wonderful Days.

I think the entire performance is amazing, and his voice just sounds so much more wonderful and energetic live. I’d kill to go to concert! The band giving him company does a great job. He seems really focused and entranced, and its interesting how he sings really close to the mike. John Mayer does the same thing.

*Goes off to listen to In Exchange again :)*

Edit: He needs to be rocking on a bigger stage.


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