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Carolyn Maloney, representative of New York’s District 14, saw the best of the obnoxious and no-limits-exist Colbert today. She agreed to be interviewed for “Know Your District,” and I always wonder if the reps who agree to be on this segment actually realize what they’re getting into? I know some of them do (like the one who joyfully stated “I enjoy cocaine”), but I really wonder about some of them. Carolyn seemed to be mostly in, though that didn’t mean she wasn’t shocked when Colbert whipped out the breast pump and turned it on to prove his point that they were distracting in the workplace. Yep. That was some segment.

My favorite quote, when discussing Carolyn’s book, which discusses the false perception the public has that the glass ceiling for women no longer exists in the work place (a book which, btw, I would like to read…it has a really long title though that has slipped my mind):

“But isn’t it better for women to be under the glass ceiling and not on top of it, because then the men standing beneath would be able to look under their skirts!”

Puahahhahahahha. I laughed so hard in this episode. Gold.


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