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Whoa…people are sure interested in Avengi Ja Nahin…the blog hit a record number of posts since I made my post on its lyrics! Great! 🙂 I’m beginning to consider adding some ads to help my broke, penniless pockets a bit. Especially since the other night I dreamt I’d reached HK safe and sound and happy and then realized I had absolutely no money. That’s not technically possible, but it was a weird and scary dream.

Anyway, coming to the topic…a couple of people reached this blog by searching for the translated lyrics for A.R. Rahman’s Hawa Sun Hawa (I always find those search terms interesting), and I thought for once I’d maybe go with that. I don’t like the lyrics that much (they are quite romantic and mushy and steeped in love and yearning, but I usually dig the simple but deep kinds, and not too much of the dramatic, metaphorical type), but I know what its like to search for the meaning behind a lovely song. And as I wrote here, this song is definitely lovely, a Rahman masterpiece and I adore its music. I just hesitate to translate Hindi/Urdu songs myself mainly because so much is often lost in translation with these languages. You can’t convey the same feel when you translate, regardless of how much you try to avoid losing its touch. But still, without further ado, here are translated lyrics. Feel free to use these anywhere, but it’d be good to credit moi.

Please note that no gender is specified for the most part in the song, so I’ve just inserted she or he based on if its Sonu or Alka singing. I’ve tried not to translate literally so its not too awkward, but also tried to keep as much of the original meaning as possible.

Hawa Sun Hawa, Ada. Composed by Rahman. Sung by Sonu Niigam and Alka Yagnik.

[Woh Kaun Hain/Woh Kahan Hai/Jise Dhoondhti Hain Nigahen/Woh Kaun Hai]

(Who is that/Where is she/The one my eyes are searching for/Who is that)

CHORUS: Hawa Sun Hawa/Usse Chooke Aa/Usse Chooke Aaja Zara/Kahan Hai Woh Itna Bata… (2)

(Wind, listen, wind/Go, touch that person/Just touch that person/Tell me where she is… )

STANZA ONE: Kaun Hai Yaad Jo Har Pal Aaye/Yaad Woh Aaye To Aake Na Jaaye, (2)

(Who is it that I think of in every moment/And when I do, I can’t stop,)

Raaz Yeh Dil Ab Kisko Bataaye/Saamne Hai Woh, Nazar Na Aaye…

(Who should my heart tell this secret to?/She is right before me, yet I can’t see her…)

Mujhko Kiski Aahaton Hai Chuya/Kaun Hai Woh Ey Hawa Tu Yeh Bata

(Whose movements have just touched me?/Who is this, can you tell me, Oh Wind?)

CHORUS: Hawa Sun Hawa….

STANZA TWO: Meri Sadaayen Tujhko Bulaye/Saamne Aaja/Oh Aaja Re Aaja Re… (2)

(My voice* calls out to you/Come before me/Come, come…)

*I don’t know if this is the best way to interpret sadaayen here, which essentially means evocation.*

Mere Yeh Baahen Tujhko Pukaaren/Aaja Re Aaja Re Aa

(My arms call out to you/Come, come, come…

CHORUS: Hawa Sun Hawa…

[Woh Kaun Hai, Woh Kahan Hai]

((Who is that/Where is she)

STANZA TWO: Tujhse Miloongi Toh Tujhse Kahoongi/Tere Bina Main Reh Na Sakoongi (2)

(When I meet you, I will tell you/I won’t be able live without you)

Chodo Udasi/Kyun Aankhen Nam Hai/Gaur Se Dekho To/Nazdeek Hum Hai

(Leave this sadness/Why are your eyes wet/If you ook carefully/You will find me near you)

Mujhko Kiski Aahaton Hai Chuya/Kaun Hai Woh Ey Hawa Tu Yeh Bata

(Whose movements have just touched me?/Who is this, can you tell me, Oh Wind?)

[Woh Kaun Hain/Woh Kahan Hai/Jise Dhoondhti Hain Nigahen…]

(Who is that/Where is she/The one my eyes are searching for…)

See what I mean (if you share my tastes)? Nothing that spectacular, and not very impressive on the lyrical front at all. But I guess that’s where the magic of the musician and the singers comes in. Rahman makes it sound like a legendary ode, and gives these weak words a grandeur, and Sonu and Alka infuse the song with so much feeling and love and emotion that the listener is left mesmerized, in a way (even if you can’t understand the lyrics, or so others have said). Anyway, I hope the people searching for the translation the other day come back to find this, and find it helpful!


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Meherbaan, A.R. Rahman, from Ada

All the time until I finally leave for HK is going to be very, very busy. Its already been quite full, although I’ve had more than my share of lazing around and aimlessly youtubing videos (speaking of which, I’m addicted to 우리 결흔했어요 (We Got Married): its reality television you can watch without guilt! Like most Korean reality shows! ). Anyway, while this is a period of exciting changes and new beginnings for my family, it is also somewhat scary, worrisome, like all change is.

Right now I’m mainly focused on figuring out all the wedding arrangements. Now that some of the stuff has gone into place, I’m a little relieved, but until we move the rest isn’t really going to happen. At the same time, working on the wedding and the house has taken away from my work out time, and this was meant to be the get in shape once and for all summer (is that at all possible anyway?). It is too darn hot, for one thing, it just makes me sick to step out. Second, I can’t do work out videos in an apartment which is for one, upstairs, and also full of chaos. Its too crazy. If things get chaotic or too messy, my way is to just completely give up and go into ennui. It makes no sense and it doesn’t help, but its a desperate solution. Right now, I know we will move soon and also I will pack up and leave soon, so it makes me want to bother less. And I do bother less. Argh vicious illogical cycles.

I’ve booked my ticket to HK, which is exciting, and which makes it very real. I’ve also been confirmed for housing. Its an expensive room, but cheap for HK, and its on campus which I wanted for the communality, and at the same time its a single with its own bathroom (I like me privacy). I’ve been in touch with some people, which is a little comfort, especially the fellow Scholars going to HK. They seem like nice, intelligent and social people, just my type, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them. So far, I don’t feel very nervous, just a little tense of all the stuff I have to figure out (like darn visas, and insurances and stuff), but I think the closer it’ll get the more I’ll be apprehensive since I’m practically moving there. I’m used to living away, but living with the knowledge that I can’t run anywhere to family in a 40 mile radius is new. Its a little exciting, but very strange too.

I’m now brainstorming for ideas for my travel blog. I decided a brand new blog would be apt, but I’m now not sure if I want it to be under this blog or just a whole new niche. Lets see what I do with that. I’d probably continue to blog on this for more general stuff and my opinions on other non-HK-living stuff, but I’d like to devote the other blog just to my time there and my experiences and adventures.

A couple of things that have made me quite happy recently:

*Ada…the new A.R. Rahman album, from which I’ve posted the song Meherbaan. Its a great album, though there are certain songs that, while being very Rahmanish, are also not clear on their inspiration. Tu Mera Hai has a very 90s feel, as does Milo Wahan Wahan, they’re somewhat unusual and not something you’re used to hearing nowadays. I enjoyed Hawa Sun Hawa the most, undoubtedly. Sonu Niigam is in full form, and Alka Yagnik’s voice is like sweet honey, but not too sweet. The lyrics aren’t spectacular, but it makes up for that with emotion. Meherbaan has Rahman’s voice, which surprises you again. How does the man change his voice to suit the style so well? So very different from Khwaja, yet still similar in the sense that Meherbaan too is filled with words I cannot understand. The song plays on the relationships between words and symbols and metaphors, so I miss out on many, but the ones I do get are lovely (this is not a direct translation, just the lines I really love. Thanks to Bhabhi :D)

Tu Hai Zabaan, Main Hoon Bayaan (You are the language, I am the speech)

Tere Bina Main Hoon Bezameen/Tere Bina Main Beaasmaan

(Without you, I am without land. Without you I am without sky)

Tu Hai Nadiya Main Hoon Sangam (You are the River, I am the Union)

Tu Hatheli, Main Hoon Henna (You are the Palm, I am the Henna)

Tu Hai Nazar, Main Nazara (You are the Eyes, I am the View)

Tu Hai Saagar, Main Kinara (You are the Sea, I am the Shore)

Aren’t those lovely?

Gulfisha is another notable Sonu Niigam number, where he’s in full flirtatious form, and as my chingu S said, I have no idea what gulfisha means, but we is sure loving the song! Hai Dard sounds great with Udit Narayan, who I haven’t heard in a while so can enjoy more now (distance makes the heart fonder?). It is overall quite an impressive album, and as always it amazes and astounds you that Rahman has so much talent that he can make every album, every song, sound so different, unique, with its own qualities and its own life, so to speak. Like my dad said, it makes you wonder how a human is created in this world.

*I am America, and So Can You! I finally got my copy of the legendary book by Stephen Colbert, finally being able to afford my very own copy, and I am beyond thrilled. And it is more than I could ever have wanted. Pages and pages of the grand wisdom, in your face, no words minced mouthiness of the great Colbert. It has me rolling on the ground in laughter, and it just cannot be explained just how great this book is, from the titles the footnotes to the disclaimers and stickers. It is brimming with Colbert’s greatness (quite literally), and I suggest that if you haven’t, you go out and buy yourself a copy this minute. Or many. And remember to stick up the sign to let firefighters know to save your copies. This is worth more than its weight in diamonds. 🙂

I’m going to now go look for a creative name for ze travel blog. Whee!

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