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“If your legs are tired, you stop. If you can’t walk, you sit down. If you sit down, someone might come to hold you up. That’s how we live.”

(Il Gun, in 두구셰요/Who Are You, as translated by Javabeans at www.dramabeans.com)

Fortunate Son, by 이송열/Lee Seung Yeol, on the OST of 두구셰요

I think that quotes’ pretty excellent. I’d like to quote the Korean here, but I’m afraid of misspellings that completely ruin the meaning and I can’t find the script. But thats fine. Because that translation is pretty great, and doesn’t it just mean so much? Isn’t that just how life is? Even if we’re cynical (like me) and even if we can’t really believe in people, I really do believe that people do come through and lift you up when you need them. I’ve seen it happen, and its happened to me, every single time. Thats how we all live, I think, by being lifted by each other. Isn’t that why we need each other?

If you’d like the opinions of hundreds of people on why this drama is just so terrific and has just taken over the lives of us k-drama fans (and maybe some have become fans just because its so terrific, y’all need to head over to Dramabeans. Because apart from her amazing summaries, there’s all kinds of discussion and thoughts and also the occasional fan girl scream going on.

두구세요 isn’t the best k-drama I’ve seen, but its pretty near to it. Its lovely. Its poignant, heart-breaking, heart-warming, funny, whimsical, witty, a little crazy and out there and when you get down to it, just very human. All its characters are flawed. The three leads have major issues (one is dead, the other has OCD and thanks to the dead guy is also half-crazy now, and the third is an angry youth whose suddenly orphaned and on the streets). And yet, its not depressing or frustrating. The story is hopeful, and the change in the characters is believable and warming, and the actors do an excellent job (special kudos to Yoon Kye Sang, who is also unbelievable handsome let me add, and Kang Nam Il). And its about courage, and hope, and being open, and willing to reach out and be reached out to, and letting change take its course and effect you. Strangely, through the idea of death and through a character who is dead, the other characters, and the viewer, goes through the realization of the delicacy of life, and how the important things that matter must be valued, and how its possible to begin loving life even if it seems forlorn. The dead, in a way, humanizes the living, funnily enough. And thats interesting, intriguing and really, really fun to watch 🙂

Not to mention there’s a very exciting stolen-paintings-evil-greedy-gallery-owners story running in the show, and the bad guys need to be struck down forever, and we must win! Soon (thank god for short k-drama seasons :)). And there’s a freaking amazing soundtrack, which just has to be, because its music directer Lee Sang Heon, who was also behind Que Sera Sera, and who always gets the best artists, like Yi Sung Yol, and W, and My Aunt Mary, and Loveholic, and has awesome background scores too. Genius.

*Sighs* And thank god for k-dramas.



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