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I’d been planning to take some shots for a while, luckily I managed to finally do it just before the first snow fell.

(I really wish I could stream music now…my favorite tunes to match the mood…but the best I can do is upload em like this…Yay! thanks to merriwether I found another way 🙂 Click on the speaker. Let them play in the background for a calming, soothing effect, that should go hand in hand with nature-related pics :))

Ocean (April Snow) (I know its not fall-connected, but I love this piece when I go for walks)

Ha Yun Yun in Deul (Winter Sonata)

I love fall. It is the most beautiful, ethereal, lovely, graceful season, with vibrant colors yet a quiet magnificence everywhere. Anyone feel what I’m saying? I can never get over the symphony of colors…gold and green and red and violet and crimson, all these shades, in this naturally created blend….a feast for the eyes! I love New England for its gorgeous falls, and I’m really going to miss them!

Almost as much as I’m going to miss the first snow. The unexpectedness of it, the stillness, the quiet, the silent beauty as everything gets covered in a white powder. Wow.

Pictures can never do justice to how it looks, and feels, and smells. And not just because I’m a not-so-great photographer!



Love roads like this. Wish there were no cars, and just the rich gold colors endorning the walk….



Snow on red leaves!


Snow! 🙂


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I’ve done nothing but laze around all day. Yet to complete my report and I got myself committed to something unnecessarily. Now….how, how, do I get myself out of it? *racking brains*

I think I’ve wasted about three hours doing null. Could have slept instead.

Its that kind of day.

In other news: if you’re against the torture and ill-treatment of human beings, or the extradition of individuals without due cause and process, then you should add your name to the Amnesty Tear it Down pixel-petition. See badge on the right bar. Has anyone watched Rendition? I need to get that in my list this break.

Speaking of which: Black Friday! Yay! I have loads to shop. Hope there are some good deals out there 🙂

Turns out music won’t stream off my blog anymore. Don’t know why. Works fine on musicwebtown. So now, if I really, really want a song to play, I’ll have to upload it to rapidshare and visitors will have to open that link to let it stream. Boo. I’m pretty disappointed. I could get an upgrade for $20, which would not be bad, but I’m not sure I’ll blog enough to make it worth it. Might consider it in January, because when I’m travelin’ next year, a blog can be a pretty good means of tellin’ my story and communicating. I left blogspot to stream music here, but turns out players like Imeem, etc, can be embedded to blogspot, livejournal….and not wordpress. 😦

Yesterday, we had our first snowfall. It was beautiful, and I thought of how much I’ll miss the weather and seasons here if (when) I move back down south. Everything becomes quiet, except for the snow, and everything is cold, clean, beautiful. I don’t even mind the slushiness that follows, because its worth it. I did some photography and am thinking a photo-post might not be a bad idea, once they’re off my camera.

And thats about it. Completely random post, to get the writing veins/arteries flowing so I can finally start on that damn lab report.

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