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Heard on TV…

Arz Hai…

मेरा प्यार कोई गैस का बल्लूँ नहीं हैं, जो उड़ जाये
मेरा प्यार कोई साइकिल का टयर नहीं है, जो फट जाये
मेरा प्यार तो बुडापा है…
एक बार आता है, तो साथ लेके ही जाता है!

mera pyaar koi gas ka balloon nahin hai, jo ud jaye

mera pyaar koi cycle ka tire nahin hai, jo phat jaye

mera pyar to budapah hai…

ek baar aata hai, jo saath leke hi jaata hai!

Ha hahahah hahahahahah ahahaha

This had me entertained for some time.


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Its a truthism!


We believe that the preamble of the Constitution contains an inarguable truth: that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of Happiness.


Of course, Life, Liberty, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness is not in the preamble of the Constitution, its in the Declaration of Independence. And, it does not contain the word Freedom.

Which is why I’m giving a tip of my hat to Rush Limbaugh for changing the Constitution. The liberals all want it to be a living document. Well, Rush just took it one step further and made it a Wikipedia entry. He does not care what the Constitution says, which is final proof that he is the true leader of the Republican Party.

Just one, of course, among many excellent jokes on Limbaugh’s behalf…

And, on a completely different note, mmmmm custard filled Chinese buns. You are the Boston Creme Donut of the Far East. 😉

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The SNL team has made two truly amazing, very clever parodies with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton or Katie Couric).

The first one…


The second one…(Katie Couric’s interview with Palin parodied)


I laughed so hard in the second one! I love Tina Fey. Too good.

Last week I caught the Charles Gibson interview with Sarah Palin on tv here, though, and watching her answer the questions, I wondered: does she even need Tina Fey to parody her? She does a perfectly good job of sounding ridiculous herself. When Gibson persistently asked her three things she would change or do different from the Bush policy, she kept bringing up her experience as governor of Wausau. I burst out laughing when Gibson finally countered her with “When you left the city of Wausau, you left it 20 million in debt!” She was very eloquent, I’ll give you that…woman sure can talk, and she has a presence. She might be even be perfectly charming. But she was not able to give one straight answer, one explanation, and I was really infuriated when she gave her reasoning for pro-life as “I’m for more adoption, not abortion” or something on those lines. Does she know how many children are sitting in orphanages and shelters waiting to be adopted? Does she really think its that easy? Does she know how difficult it is to find a child a home, and how easy it is to ruin a child’s life in any of those shelters? I respect people’s opinions, and despite being a pro-choice activist I’ve always listened and respected arguments from the other side. But that was not an argument!

Palin is enough of a parody. Please, lets not let this joke continue. Like Tina Fey says, she’d like to stop playing her November 5th.

(Another great SNL skit: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/presidential-debate/704121/)

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Another bit of Colbert magic…

The Word on The Colbert Report the other night…three clips from conservative talk show hosts (ofcourse, being terribly hypocritical) talking about Sarah Palin being under fire:

Dick Morris: “The democrats piled over her, in vicious, sexist personal attacks.”

Talk Show Host #2: “Its unprecedented, insulting, degrading, sexist…”

Bill O’Reilly: “The pig deal is now morphing into a sexist situation.”

Colbert: “And we should know. We’ve been feminist for over two weeks now!!!”

[The Word: Longer than Sarah Palin]

Puahahhahaha. 😀

GOLD! Colbert Gold I tell you!

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Carolyn Maloney, representative of New York’s District 14, saw the best of the obnoxious and no-limits-exist Colbert today. She agreed to be interviewed for “Know Your District,” and I always wonder if the reps who agree to be on this segment actually realize what they’re getting into? I know some of them do (like the one who joyfully stated “I enjoy cocaine”), but I really wonder about some of them. Carolyn seemed to be mostly in, though that didn’t mean she wasn’t shocked when Colbert whipped out the breast pump and turned it on to prove his point that they were distracting in the workplace. Yep. That was some segment.

My favorite quote, when discussing Carolyn’s book, which discusses the false perception the public has that the glass ceiling for women no longer exists in the work place (a book which, btw, I would like to read…it has a really long title though that has slipped my mind):

“But isn’t it better for women to be under the glass ceiling and not on top of it, because then the men standing beneath would be able to look under their skirts!”

Puahahhahahahha. I laughed so hard in this episode. Gold.

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So at 3am my brain cells are pretty tired and the RockStar is wearing off. As I distract myself from my lab report…I find this cool entry at Boing Boing (www.boingboing.net)

w00t is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2007

(Click for full story)

WOOT! to that. Because woot may be like my favorite expression for 2007. [The school finally rubbed off on me, huh.]

Only in writing, though, never in speaking. I think that would cross the line of nerdiness/geekiness.

WOOT to that.

PS: Die, lab report, DIE! *sticks knife repeatedly into lab report’s evil, manipulative, shrewd being*

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The ‘real’ Stephen Colbert, on Larry King Live: 

“Everything that happens to you as a child, seems normal,  because you have no reference point to compare it to.”
 (on losing his father and brothers in a plane crash when he was 10)

I do love my country. I don’t think I’m particularly a good American. I don’t know what makes a great American…I like people who let other people alone. I think thats a pretty good American…and I keep my hands to myself. So, I’m an okay American.”

(in return to “Are you a good American?”)

“Because you can pretend that whatever ear that’s facing someone is your deaf ear…and you can ignore them. Or I can pretend I’m asleep and my wife can’t wake me up. And I also get special parking. For the one eared.”

(on being deaf in his right ear, since IInd grade. {Puahahhha})

 Have you watched the real (and bits of the character) Stephen Colbert interview with Larry King? It is amazing, witty and entertaining, and a revelation (of the real Colbert). More striking: his first statement indicating that he’ll consider running for political office. I recommend you check it out, the podcast is available on ITunes (free). www.cnn.com/larryking

Still pondering: Would I vote for the ‘real’ Colbert? Or would I rather he rather not mix himself up in the dirty world of politics?

PS: The quote was somehow what spoke to me the most during his interview. Its probably the best way of expressing that, such a true statement. You never know what kind of life you’ve led till you start looking back at it as an adult. I would love, love, to meet this guy in real life (the real Colbert, not the character) and just talk with him about what he believes, and why. He seems like a really normal, down-to-earth hardworking father and husband doing his job, and doing it well…and interestingly he seems like a very optimistic kind of person. Truly one of the finest icons of our generation.

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