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The SNL team has made two truly amazing, very clever parodies with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton or Katie Couric).

The first one…


The second one…(Katie Couric’s interview with Palin parodied)


I laughed so hard in the second one! I love Tina Fey. Too good.

Last week I caught the Charles Gibson interview with Sarah Palin on tv here, though, and watching her answer the questions, I wondered: does she even need Tina Fey to parody her? She does a perfectly good job of sounding ridiculous herself. When Gibson persistently asked her three things she would change or do different from the Bush policy, she kept bringing up her experience as governor of Wausau. I burst out laughing when Gibson finally countered her with “When you left the city of Wausau, you left it 20 million in debt!” She was very eloquent, I’ll give you that…woman sure can talk, and she has a presence. She might be even be perfectly charming. But she was not able to give one straight answer, one explanation, and I was really infuriated when she gave her reasoning for pro-life as “I’m for more adoption, not abortion” or something on those lines. Does she know how many children are sitting in orphanages and shelters waiting to be adopted? Does she really think its that easy? Does she know how difficult it is to find a child a home, and how easy it is to ruin a child’s life in any of those shelters? I respect people’s opinions, and despite being a pro-choice activist I’ve always listened and respected arguments from the other side. But that was not an argument!

Palin is enough of a parody. Please, lets not let this joke continue. Like Tina Fey says, she’d like to stop playing her November 5th.

(Another great SNL skit: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/presidential-debate/704121/)


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Another bit of Colbert magic…

The Word on The Colbert Report the other night…three clips from conservative talk show hosts (ofcourse, being terribly hypocritical) talking about Sarah Palin being under fire:

Dick Morris: “The democrats piled over her, in vicious, sexist personal attacks.”

Talk Show Host #2: “Its unprecedented, insulting, degrading, sexist…”

Bill O’Reilly: “The pig deal is now morphing into a sexist situation.”

Colbert: “And we should know. We’ve been feminist for over two weeks now!!!”

[The Word: Longer than Sarah Palin]

Puahahhahaha. 😀

GOLD! Colbert Gold I tell you!

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The issue of Sarah Palin is getting to be so freaking ridiculous, its almost not funny anymore. With every article I read about her or her beliefs or her work or even her family, all I can say is: really? for real? is this true? can she even be considered for such high office when she says things like “someone will have to tell me what it is a VP does everyday?” OH DEAR GOD. And can people really support this joke? What is happening? I keep feeling like there is some practical joke being played somewhere…its like being on candid camera…or like one of those really sarcastic parodies (except this one is frightening because its true).

Like this: http://www.nypost.com/seven/09012008/news/nationalnews/palin_admits_her_17_year_old_daughter_is_127025.htm

I laugh, and then I realize I’m reading about a possible VP’s possible son-in-law. And like Russell Brand quipped at the 2008 VMAs, that kid’s probably scarred for life (redneck probably deserves it too) and will never have sex again, seeing as what this led him to.

Robyn Blumner writes an excellent article on the Palin’s daughter issue, and her points are even more jarring, amusing, then scary as they set in.


Right about here it stops being anything funny.

Gloria Steinem’s great editorial.


Kudos to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show for making this piece to lay out the hypocrisy and prove how ludicrous all of this is, right out there for the world to see.


I wish I could meet a supported just to hear what their arguments are. But then, I’m thankful that I have yet to meet one.

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