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Ek woh din bhi the,
Ek yeh din bhi hain…

Ek woh raat thi,
Ek yeh raat hai…

Raat yeh bhi guzar jayegi…


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Here’s something i only just started wondering about.

What does one pack up when one moves out of a significant others home and life? How does one pack up? What do you take and what do you leave behind? How quickly do you move? Do you ask for help or do it yourself? Do you pack carefully or just throw it in boxes? What do you do about the things you share? About the things you bought?

For some reason, i had three sets of pads in the bathroom drawer. Three large bags of Always sanitary pads in the third drawer of his bathroom I had just reorganized two days ago. Why would I have three bags? Two for heavy flow, one for light days. Do i pack all 3? I don’t have room. But what will these do here? You can never have too many pads. And these aren’t cheap. Should I combine half and half in one bag? When was my next cycle date? Will i need to still take birth control? Should I refill it here? Would he distribute them to his female friends? That would be odd. Would he think of me when he opened this drawer? Did i even want him to think of me when he looked at a bag of Always sanitary pads? When would he think of me?

I spent twenty minutes staring at the drawer, until my thoughts were swarming around me, forming a dense, confusing wall of images and words and phrases.

And then I shook myself, picked up a half empty bag of overnight heavy flows and stuffed several light days in it. I shut the drawer and I continued to pack.

I like to think that whether heavy or light, i’m prepared for my destined flow right now.

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gawande failure and rescue

Especially after the very disappointing commencement I attended at my medical school for this years MD class. Im really looking forward to my graduation next year, but id like to have a speaker who inspires, motivates, and pushes me as I step into the world as a new doctor! Not someone who is carrying a political agenda, blowing their own horn, or are just awful speakers.

Gawande’s speech should go in the annals of awesome graduation speeches and also as part of those compilations for medical students and residents. I mean, everything that drips out of his wise mind should. This is an eloquent, excellently written description of one of the key features of medicine that we in the field ourselves like to avoid. We don’t like to think of failure, but the truth is that a plan is necessary at all times, and it is always a possibility. The bigger failure is not having a plan and not being able to pull off a feasible rescue, especially in this time and age.

I like to think that in a few years when I am in that position, I will not hold on to ego and useless vanity as I’ve seen others do but instead aim to have a stepwise plan for every possibility.

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…why I continue to watch, love and relish movies from India (Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood/all of em!), I’m going to direct them right here:


I’m getting too tired to explain why the cinema of any culture is unique to its own, it shouldn’t and can’t be compared to any other. I love Korean melodramas, and I love fast paced well directed Hollywood flicks, and I’ll still relish DDLJ every time I watch it…I don’t expect one to be like another, I wouldn’t want that at all! The beauty of cinema is that it provides a kaleidoscope of the culture it grows from, it is unique to that culture, it is made to appeal to and serve that culture and those who appreciate it. Nothing can be or should be universally mainstream…where’s the fun in that? And how limited would our world and our horizons of creativity be if we only limited them to one style, one type, one “preset” accepted presentation of cinema.

Thank you, Memsaab 🙂

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…spilleth away

this post by a friend reminded me of some couplets by Omar Khaiyyam, from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khaiyyam. Ah, how well I know the speed life takes, and how quickly it passes, and how difficult it is to hold onto a single moment. Life can change in a moment, take twists you never expected, bring you to a completely different place from where you started. The trick is to keep looking up and ahead, with hope and faith rather than despair and fatigue…to realize and accept what we’ve been given and live it as well as we can…

Come, fill the Cup, and in the fire of Spring
Your Winter-garment of Repentance fling:
The Bird of Time has but a little way
To flutter–and the Bird is on the Wing.

Whether at Naishapur or Babylon,
Whether the Cup with sweet or bitter run,
The Wine of Life keeps oozing drop by drop,
The Leaves of Life keep falling one by one.

 Sometimes, though, its just so difficult.

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With a new semester already wearing me down (in two days!), I think blogging will be a rare luxury. I’d love to write more about this initiative and this ad, but I think all I’ll be able to do is post it!

Definitely made me smile!

Off to a patient interview…eek!

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Vote for Imli!

Take a minute and vote for this adorable pup:


Imli is a 4 month old Shih Tzu with infinite energy and she brings joy everywhere she goes! She’s a pup of a poor medical student, and she definitely could use just the weekly prize 🙂 Also, a significant part of any winnings will be donated to charity!

Please vote! You can vote once/day! You’ll be blessed and smothered with hugs and Imli will kiss your face till its wet!

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