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As I often do, especially each time I come to this blog (see quote under title), I was thinking about one of my favorite songs: Slipping through your fingers, by the British-Indo band Trickbaby. In America, Trickbaby has probably not been heard of (a big loss, in my opinion, and drives me crazy because I can’t get their CDs), but I believe they have a fair amount of popularity in Britain, probably more in the Indo community, since their music is a fusion….better described here on their official website (http://www.trickbabymusic.co.uk : read all abt ’em!)

“Based around the song writing partnership of Saira Hussain and Steve Ager and the musicianship of Jeevan Rihal   (harmonium/keyboards and additional vocals), Vikaash Sankadecha (percussion) and Emre Ramazanoglu (drums), Trickbaby has evolved into a genuinely unique band. Described as an East/West soundclash, Saira cites influences from modern Western music through to Bollywood movie classics. It is this unique blend of inspiration, and contemporary use of classic Indian instruments alongside modern production values that provide the basis of the Trickbaby sound”

It is unique. It is very original, very different, unpredictable, and their fusion really, really works well. I first heard their music on the soundtrack of Hyderabad Blues II by Nagesh Kukunoor, who has a tendency to pick up some really cool music and find awesome artistes. They became famous in India with the very popular soundtrack of Bluffmaster, with Tadbeer Se and the remake of Sabse Bada Rupaiya, though I prefer their other original music. Apart from Slipping, the music video of which is filmed on the GB synchronized swimming team, and is beautiful, my favorites are One Man and Sea of Stories very eclectic and quirky and wonderful.

All of these songs are on the OST of Hyderabad Blues II, and can be listened to here: http://www.musicindiaonline.com/music/hindi_bollywood/s/movie_name.6966 if you want to get a taste….

Other clips are on their official site, along with a video of Slipping.

Unfortunately, since I can’t buy songs off the UK iTunes 😦 I only have one old, and not so beloved-by-me song, called Neelaa which I’ll post up to give a small sense of what their music is like. I think their CD is extremely good and a great buy, if it was only sold in the US….like so many of my favorite artists, I’ll just have to wait and try to get it imported….

Neelaa, by Trickbaby

Now that I’ve derailed enough from the main point of this post–the song–let me try to get back to it. Slipping is simple, inspirational, very positive and at the same time not one of those grating “the world is shiny and pretty and you should be happy” positive, which I hate. It acknowledges the complications, the anxiety and weight of the world and living, and then simply states what we all know…to relish life, to find happiness, to live fulfilled and free, one has to believe. One has to have faith that things can change for the better, that life will take the right path, that we can get on “that comet” and do something different, something that tastes and feels fresh and hopeful. Saira’s slightly hoarse and melodic voice adds to the effect…she sounds like she’s smiling, in a dreamy haze, looking at brighter, hopeful times.

Here are the lyrics, from the official site, where you can find lyrics to all their songs from the CD “Hanging Around.”

Slipping Through Your Fingers 

Hurrying to catch my comet
No destination shown – I wanna get on it
Taking a day trip from this tragic kingdom
Give myself a small safe taste of freedom

To live forever is my new fascination
Coming back’s my inspiration

A two-way choice. A cynic or believer
Make the wrong decision watch life slipping through your fingers

Worrying about my reputation
How I’m gonna get out this situation
Faith in control of my destiny
Nobody’s gonna get the better of me

To live forever is my new fascination
Coming back’s my inspiration

A two-way choice. A cynic or believer
Make the wrong decision watch life slipping through your fingers

There’s so much left to explore, to come across, to find on my way to wherever I’m going. I’m inspired to experience, to live it, to believe that I can change my destiny to fulfill my needs and desires and hopes.

A two way choice, and I’m a believer 🙂


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