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So its Friday! Thank the Lord for the end of a very long, very hard week. This weekend will fly by like every freaking weekend, but I’m so grateful for the 4 hour nap today (i have been constantly cold and shivering for like 3 days now, and i think its the tiredness. Finally warm again!). Managed to go to the gym thanks to P’s encouragement (this week required some outside motivation),¬†spent some quality time chitchatting with P, which is always wonderful ūüôā I miss her!

And Music Web Town is back up! And to celebrate the weekend, I’ll play one of my favorite, powerful, jazzy songs, by the wonderful group “Big Mama” (also discussed previously under Break Away). The video for this is pretty neat….there’s four skinny, pretty women singing on a stage and everyone’s jamming, but then you go backstage and you see the amazing voices are actually from these curvy, big, yet still gorgeous (in my opinion) women. These four ladies have amazing talent (I love all three of their albums), though they haven’t recieved the publicity they should have got. I read that it stated in their contracts when the group was brought together that none of them could get plastic surgery or the band would disband. Thats pretty interesting. I think its great that they came out and were courageous to be unconventional in the Korean music industry, where most female singers have the typical pop star look.

Recently, the singers of Big Mama have lost a lot of weight and look truly gorgeous, and have come¬†under a lot of flak for trying to “fit in.” But I really think that their whole point all along is that its not about how they look, its about their music. Their voices and their talent and their ability to make truly rich music. They haven’t “sold out,” they’ve just tried to look better for themselves, its every woman’s decision to be who she wants and how she wants to look. Every woman must come to¬†love herself, her own body, and embrace it. If they worked out and lost weight, and became healthier, how is that a bad thing? And who is anyone else to judge? The important thing is that they have never compromised on their music, or compromised with their talent. Their voices have always been true to their songs. The “BIG” in Big Mama isn’t their physical size, but the abstract size of their talent and their vocal power, in my opinion.

¬†This song, when it first came out, mesmerized people across the world, literally, from what I’ve heard/read about it (check out reviews online). It was played on MTV Asia. I love the beat and the music and the emotion in their voices. “Break Away/No I can’t wait/I’ll make my way/I’ll throw my pain/I can live without you now”¬†are some of my¬†all time favorite lines, though I don’t like the rest of the lyrics as much.¬†

Break Away, Big Mama, from Volume 1-Like the Bible

Leave me now..
Forget everything now
Throw me away and live..
Return my love that you took

If you left, if you died
Then I would hold it in forcefully
But to take it like this, its too hard

I hope just once that you will see me
That you will tell me
Just like the past times, just once..
I waited and loved you so much..

*Break away…. no I can’t wait
I’ll let you go comfortably
I’ll make my way I throw my pain
I can live without you now

I left you so my heart is comfortable
I left you so I am happy
I threw you out of my heart
For you, I erased the hard days

Even if you see me accidently
Then please just pass by
For me who is trying to forget you
And if you talk to me
I will pretend I dont know you

repeat *

Suddenly I think of you
When I forgot that you left..
Even if I find you,
You pretend that you dont know saying “who is this..”
And you make me turn back again

I’ll make my way I throw my pain
I cant live again looking at you
Break Away….no I can’t wait
Now throw all of me away and leave

I’ll make my way I throw my pain
So say that you werent there since the beginning
Break Away

(Translation credited to gyool, from http://www.aheeyah.com)

PS: Its Friday the 13th!


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Break Away….
No I can’t wait….
I’ll let you go comfortably
I’ll make my way
I’ll throw my pain
I can live without you now.

Break Away….

Powerful singing. Four beautiful women. Amazing voices.

Another reason to pick up that Hangul.


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