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‘course it is. them’s real tears glenn beck is streamin’, don’t ya know? he’s crying over the state of this foresaken country, you shameless liberals! and all you cynical skeptic jerks out there…tsk tsk tsk. lemme get me my rifle…nah, hold up, lemme watch sarah on the box first, i need me a sweet dream tonight!

News like this makes me glad I don’t own a TV, so I don’t even flit by Fox even on accident. This line sure did make me laugh out loud!

Palin said in a statement that she is “thrilled” to be joining Fox, adding, “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”


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Its a truthism!


We believe that the preamble of the Constitution contains an inarguable truth: that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty, Freedom, and the pursuit of Happiness.


Of course, Life, Liberty, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness is not in the preamble of the Constitution, its in the Declaration of Independence. And, it does not contain the word Freedom.

Which is why I’m giving a tip of my hat to Rush Limbaugh for changing the Constitution. The liberals all want it to be a living document. Well, Rush just took it one step further and made it a Wikipedia entry. He does not care what the Constitution says, which is final proof that he is the true leader of the Republican Party.

Just one, of course, among many excellent jokes on Limbaugh’s behalf…

And, on a completely different note, mmmmm custard filled Chinese buns. You are the Boston Creme Donut of the Far East. 😉

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Watching another pie-sweet, candy-colorful, completely funny and lovely older episode of Pushing Daisies (the very exciting episode which was the season one finale), I randomly surfed some news and realized that it had been cancelled. With a cliffhanger episode for season two, at that. How terrible. Why can’t people appreciate the really good shows with their lovely poetic beauty and profound, simple meanings and go for the racy, mindless junk. Does all tv really have to be mindless? Can’t it be creative and wonderful and interesting and captivating…a strange, bewitching mixture of detective adventures, super powers, love, romance, friendship, and a fairy tale like narration (doesn’t it sound like a winning mixture?)?

Well, I’m unhappy it came to this so fast, but kudos to Bryan Fuller for producing a truly excellent show and for taking the risk to bring a Tim Burton-esque absurdist style story to life for the small screen (I guess he’s always kind of doing that, what with Dead Like Me before this). I enjoyed the short ride and was left hungry for more slices of the yummy pie hole goodness. I hope it comes out on DVD…this is one show I will definitely treasure. I loved all the actors and the quirky unique characters they all played, and seeing Lee Pace‘s gorgeous self and cheery smile did me good. I think he picks up some great, challenging work that really lends him to broaden and learn and improve his acting, but I wish all these series weren’t so short-lived. I’d really like to see him more (not just because of the obvious he’s-drop-dead-handsome reason), because I think he really does a great job with his characters and I love actors who can do that.

(I should watch The Fall, which kind of looks like my kind of movie too)

Aw. I miss the show already. Darn ABC and stupid ratings. Bring it back!!!

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The United States of America has a new president! One that will change the country and thus change the world! Congratulations to everyone, regardless of whether you are American or not, or whether you were able to vote in this election or not. You have all witnessed this historical moment!


How unbelievable that a black president with a Hussein in his name stands before us and gives us a victory speech! Is this truly a momentous point in history or what? It is a sign that the world is truly changing, and changing for the better!

This article says it best how the atmosphere has been in HK and worldwide with this change 🙂


I wish you all the happiness and joy that must come with this change!

I end with a few words from the ultimate American hero, the oh-so-dear-to-me Stephen Colbert 😉


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Two exciting news bits…

One…Pushing Daisies is back! The season started October 1st, after a premature ending because of the writer’s strike. If you have no idea what Pushing Daisies is, or missed the first season: YOU’RE MISSING OUT! Its one of those amazing, delightful, captivating stories/series that seems to tiptoe around and all the cool, hip people are watching it…but you just might miss out if you’re too mesmerized by the flashy, shiny (but often baseless) packaging of some of the others stuff. But then, voila, it comes out nominated for twelve Emmy awards and wins three of them, and a brand new exciting season comes along and you’re too late to the parade! Ya see? 🙂 Hooray! Must. watch. Episode. One. It’ll be my reward if I manage to finish this presentation asap.

Two…Season One of Pushing Daisies is being shown on channel 3 ATV here in HK! Whee. I think. Because my screen randomly goes off a lot. Not fun.

On a random, unrelated note (sort of), I have a very strong urge to eat pie (ahh, if only it was served by Ned from The Pie Hole…), and also I miss pancakes. I miss IHOP. And thinking of this show makes me miss my chingus terribly: me, P, J sitting cozily together and watchin’ the latest episode while snacking and kidding around. Darn, I miss them so much.

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Another bit of Colbert magic…

The Word on The Colbert Report the other night…three clips from conservative talk show hosts (ofcourse, being terribly hypocritical) talking about Sarah Palin being under fire:

Dick Morris: “The democrats piled over her, in vicious, sexist personal attacks.”

Talk Show Host #2: “Its unprecedented, insulting, degrading, sexist…”

Bill O’Reilly: “The pig deal is now morphing into a sexist situation.”

Colbert: “And we should know. We’ve been feminist for over two weeks now!!!”

[The Word: Longer than Sarah Palin]

Puahahhahaha. 😀

GOLD! Colbert Gold I tell you!

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Carolyn Maloney, representative of New York’s District 14, saw the best of the obnoxious and no-limits-exist Colbert today. She agreed to be interviewed for “Know Your District,” and I always wonder if the reps who agree to be on this segment actually realize what they’re getting into? I know some of them do (like the one who joyfully stated “I enjoy cocaine”), but I really wonder about some of them. Carolyn seemed to be mostly in, though that didn’t mean she wasn’t shocked when Colbert whipped out the breast pump and turned it on to prove his point that they were distracting in the workplace. Yep. That was some segment.

My favorite quote, when discussing Carolyn’s book, which discusses the false perception the public has that the glass ceiling for women no longer exists in the work place (a book which, btw, I would like to read…it has a really long title though that has slipped my mind):

“But isn’t it better for women to be under the glass ceiling and not on top of it, because then the men standing beneath would be able to look under their skirts!”

Puahahhahahahha. I laughed so hard in this episode. Gold.

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