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Finally, Inauguration Day is here! I’m watching it right now and its so beautiful I might cry. Change has come! His speech is so great, so simple but profound, not philosophical mumbo jumbo but straight, powerful words that he pronounces so well and speaks so strongly. He makes such a tremendous impact. I love his jab on Bush “We will lead once more!” :))

Other favorite parts…

“We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and HINDUS! And NON-BELIEVERS!”

He mentions Hindus! He mentions non-believers! Yes, yes, yes! That means so much to me, I can’t explain it.

“We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist”

“A man whose father 60 years ago could not stand in a restaurant, can stand before you to take a most sacred oath”

So many more! I still have to take it all in and calm my heart. Here’s to hope! Here’s to change! Congratulations to citizens of America! Congratulations to all Obama supporters world wide!

EDIT: Last I checked this is my space, and no one is dragged here to read and comment against your will, right? While I am glad to hear any comment contrary to mine for the sake of debate, I won’t tolerate it if its rude and idiotic and baseless. You don’t have to agree with what I support or write, and if you make an intellectual argument I’ll respect that. But this is not for anyone to spout groundless and nonsensical rubbish dripping with the type of sarcasm used by the hopeless. That is not an argument, its petulant complaining by narrow minded fools who are throwing temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way. And this is not a platform where you can throw that kind of anger around. I will feel no obligation to keep those comments.

To the revellers: Happy Inauguration Day! Happy new President! The full text of his speech is now available on CNN…


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The United States of America has a new president! One that will change the country and thus change the world! Congratulations to everyone, regardless of whether you are American or not, or whether you were able to vote in this election or not. You have all witnessed this historical moment!


How unbelievable that a black president with a Hussein in his name stands before us and gives us a victory speech! Is this truly a momentous point in history or what? It is a sign that the world is truly changing, and changing for the better!

This article says it best how the atmosphere has been in HK and worldwide with this change 🙂


I wish you all the happiness and joy that must come with this change!

I end with a few words from the ultimate American hero, the oh-so-dear-to-me Stephen Colbert 😉


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I’ve joined the 2008 NaNoWriMo! What better thing to do at 3 in the morning when you’re clearly in a very sane state of mind? 😉

I believe in signs, and Javabeans posting about it on her open thread was sign enough. A push, rather, or a direct shaking that I needed, at least it feels like I did at this time ;). I know that this year one of my goals is to write, but I haven’t been doing it. I mean, not write on my blog, but really write. Fulfill that dream that has always been on the backburner, and this is the only year I can really feasibly do it. Also the only year I can feasibly join NaNoWriMo before med school swallows me up. And I do have so many ideas that keep floating, I just don’t focus when I sit down to it. So: this will be it! The drive! The motivation! The force!

So…I joined! Here’s my profile to prove it to you, and to make it so public I can’t take it back and MUST work on it out of guilt and to save face….


There it is! Whoa! This is somewhat scary. If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, explore the site and maybe you’ll be driven to join too! And add me as a buddy if you do join! Wish me luck!

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Its my birthday! Birthdays are usually rough on me: I always get a little gloomy and moody, one, because getting older isn’t fun, and two, and probably the bigger reason, because they get over so fast and you know it and you can’t stop it and then its all gone for another year. Yep, I sound like a kid (I swear I’m not one, though ;)). Regardless of all of that, I’m glad to have another eventful year behind me and I’m excited about the year ahead, which starts in full swing next Sunday. I’ve had a great birthday so far (its been two hours) and I have great hopes for the whole day and the entire week and the whole year! With everyone’s love and blessings and best wishes, it’ll be a wonderful, exciting, enriching, surprising, beautiful year, and I’ll come back from my adventures a better, stronger, wiser, and ‘older’ person 🙂

Thanks to everyone whose already called/texted/sent cards, and thanks in advance to everyone who will wish me today! I love you all and I’m grateful to have you, and appreciate your thoughtful wishes!

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Thank You, Kim Sang Hun. (Instrumental)

So, along with a note for all my fellow graduates, a shout-out of thanks needs to go out to many people.

The three people who have made me what I am, good or bad. My parents and my brother. You put up with the most of my crap, my bad behavior, and you also benefit the most from my good parts, and you take a lot, and you give a lot, and you just influence me day in and day out. I know I am always loved, and I know I can always come home to you. Thank you for that.

The friends who’ve been with me through these years: Y’all are people who make my world smile. Your radiance fills up every corner. I’m proud of being called your friend. I’m always happy to be with you, more than happy. You make me laugh and cry. You irritate me, and you cajole me. You give me the most beautiful memories. I love each of you for different reasons, and each of you are unique and oh-so-special to me. The hardest part is being so far from you, but I will work hard at keeping all of you near to me as much as I can. Because I’m just too selfish to do otherwise. You’re mine! MINE! 🙂 Thank you for being the kinds of friends you only see in movies and books. Each one of you was a childhood desire come true.

My aunts and uncles, here, who’ve been with me these past few years, who I knew I could call on if it really got difficult, who gave me good food and a home away from home, who loved me and were proud of me, and who took care of me when needed. I am fortunate to have you, and so very grateful. You have influenced who I am, and I hope that whatever happens, you will always be proud of me and keep loving me.

My aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins, to my sis-in-law, to my friends, who were all far away but who I know love me. Thank you for your calls, your wishes, your blessings and your unconditional love. When distance and time doesn’t break it, then you know its the strongest of bonds. Our family is just so unique, and I thank God that I was born into it. Love and miss you all, and I hope to celebrate with all of you soon!

My teachers, all through my life: I’ve reached wherever I am because of what I was taught. I have been fortunate to have the kinds of mentors I have had, who have been friends and teachers, who have been patient and kind and who have taught me much more than just the subject. I’m grateful. To all my professors, who have imparted different kinds of lessons, I am grateful.

To my Nana and Nani: I miss you, and I missed you when I walking down, when I held my diploma, when I celebrated. You would have liked to be there. Nana, I will always remember your words. I will keep trying to be a grand daughter who makes you proud. Please keep watching over me.

Thank you to all my family, all my friends, everyone who has held my hand at one time or another through this journey. You are all part of who I am, and you will always be with me. I am grateful for you and for your love. Please, please, keep making me feel special and precious and loved. Even if that’s being a little childish and selfish. Just do it. 🙂

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New Soul, Yael Anim. (best viewed full screen 🙂 )

By all weather accounts (though who believes those anyway), the weather was supposed to be horrible. Rain and clouds, the threat of the ceremony being pushed indoors, and delayed flights to add to the inauspicious start . At 6am it was still grey, so I pulled back the covers and groaned and went back to sleep. At 6:45a, a call from overseas to wish me happiness. At 7:30a I finally dragged myself out and took a look outside.

It was like the sun had taken a peek and decided he was ready to play outside. A little wary, since only splashes were visible here and there, but there was a promise that had been missing before. And thus, dear readers, the class of 2008 began preparing for graduation day, and the finicky, moody New England weather actually cooperated. By the time I ran down to the Quad, and then returned to pick up my dropped belongings (that darn honor cord), the day was just getting sunnier and breezier and brighter. And it kept getting brighter and warmer, until our necks were burning and our faces were glowing as we sat on the rows of seats, unable to see the stage but pleasantly content. It was a happy day. It was perfect, in some ways, and more than one person mentioned to me how amazing it was how the grayness just disappeared, and how the sun seemed to shine just for us, the class of 2008.

And as we walked across the bridge and faced our family, our friends, the people who loved us and were proud of us, we realized that this was it. Or maybe that realization came during the very brief shakehands-takediploma-movetassel-runoffstage (or maybe that was just too, too brief). Or when we hugged and took a gazillion pictures and laughed and hugged again and posed again. Or maybe when we went out for lunches with the people who loved us congratulating us and showering us with wishes (and gifts!). Or when we returned for a final walk across the beautiful campus, vibrant with spring colors, which we had inhabited for so long. Or maybe, it still hasn’t sunk in.

Whether you hated or loved or liked or disliked or just made it or were different to the last few years, and whether you believe it or not, they have impacted your life. They have, in many ways, changed who you are and who you will be, affected who you associate with, and provided you with moments you’d like to frame on a mantlepiece or banish to the deep, dark recesses of your brain. They have influenced your future; not just the career you are going into or the job you’re holding right now, but your personal choices in everything related to fashion sense (which has, hopefully, improved, but we can only hope), to your decisions in your life partner and your ambitions in life. Class of 2008, here, on these grounds, you were: scared, frightened, happy, miserable, depressed, angry, frustrated, irritated, ridiculed, joyous, content, satisfied, busy, fat, thin, premenstrual, sex-deprived, sex-addicts, drug-addicts, alcoholics, straight edgers, activists, artists, independent, dependent, confident, weak, vegans, meat-eaters, outgoing, socially awkward, friendly, weird in a bad way, strange, eccentric, normal, ugly, beautiful, and on and on. You were all this, and you were together. You made friends, enemies, lost friends, enemies, (enemies became friends and friends became enemies. Stewie reference, anyone??), you made memories, you lost part of your memories on the really bad nights, you studied hard or hardly worked, you sobbed and cried or laughed and hugged, but you lived.

Class of 2008, from here you take all this and more. You don’t really take what you were taught here, or the values they tried to feed you, but you take your reactions to everything that happened here. You take with you what your learned each of the nights and each of the days when you lived here, you take the lessons you learned through experiences and the values that came to you through realization and, just, living. You take, hopefully, not just the memories of friends but the actual strength of the relationships that you made here. You take with you, hopefully, a sense of pride in who you are, and a sense of hope for the future that stands before you, remembering that “Hope does not lie in a great outcome. Hope lies in making sense of the things going on in your life.” The journey has, really, just begun.

Class of 2008, its time. Congratulations.

Graduation, Vitamin C. (because how can you have graduation without this candy cane sweet song? And, to the people I love so dearly: I miss you, and I’ll always be there, and I know you will too. I’m proud of each one of you, and I know our lives are going to be so bright. Your friendship has blessed my life, and I hope it’ll continue to do so!)

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Time: 1:06am, November 15th, 2007 

Omo, omo, omo! I’m going to be a doctor! I’m going to be a doctor!

(Song of the Day)


 World: Be Ready for Me! I’m going to be a doctor! And a damn good one, I promise!!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you, to all the powers that be, especially my family who bore so much during this whole process (and still will), and Him.


Am so going to fail my test tomorrow. But who cares! My dream is here, and I’m ready!

I always decided I’d want this song playing in the background when this day came. So here goes!

Celebration party this weekend! Wooooohhoooooo!

Aaj Main Upar, from the soundtrack of Khamoshi.

Aaj Main Upar, Aasmaan Neeche…

Aaj Main Aage, Zamana Hai Peeche…

Tell me, O Khuda, Ab Main Kya Karoon…

Chaloon Sidhe Ke Ulti Chaloon!

(I’m on top of the world today, the sky is beneath my feet….I’m ahead today, the world is behind my back…!)

PS: Completely off-topic, but go watch The Darjeeling Limited! Its my new favorite movie. Randomer than Tim Burton, abstract, but not in the “too-smart-to-understand” way, fun, poignant, totally awesome. Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzmann, and Adrien Brody are all amazing, amazing, and their characters are fantastic!

Ooh, and to the friends who took me to see it and with whom I had such a great time…thanks! 🙂 You guys rock, and see how much good luck you are for me!

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