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…why I continue to watch, love and relish movies from India (Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood/all of em!), I’m going to direct them right here:


I’m getting too tired to explain why the cinema of any culture is unique to its own, it shouldn’t and can’t be compared to any other. I love Korean melodramas, and I love fast paced well directed Hollywood flicks, and I’ll still relish DDLJ every time I watch it…I don’t expect one to be like another, I wouldn’t want that at all! The beauty of cinema is that it provides a kaleidoscope of the culture it grows from, it is unique to that culture, it is made to appeal to and serve that culture and those who appreciate it. Nothing can be or should be universally mainstream…where’s the fun in that? And how limited would our world and our horizons of creativity be if we only limited them to one style, one type, one “preset” accepted presentation of cinema.

Thank you, Memsaab 🙂


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